Why Foreign Companies Often Choose Hong Kong as a Business in Asia

Invest Hong Kong and the Department of Census and Statistics, the state on the southern coast of China, has been sought after by companies and local companies who want to expand their business activities in East Asia. This study identifies new trends in multinational companies have made the investment obligation Hong Kong contacts, tasks both regionally and worldwide, while companies in China have moved here to take advantage of business opportunities and more. A good work culture face in English and Mandarin make simple movements all the time and cost of translation in the process of saving. In addition, the number of free floating dollar Hong Kong, the absence of good and services tax, profits tax and the flat rate of 17.5 percent based on the company’s operations in Hong Kong translates into economic gains, by weight, for international companies.

Also, a company based in Hong Kong providing access to re-invoice. Re-maturity involves international trade between buyers and sellers with a company based in the central regions of the tax exemption of import and export processing. Companies that want to trade in goods and services from outside China or vice versa set up a company in Hong Kong, which is debt-buying or selling price is higher than the cost of the original production. So to be able to show a low or zero profit margins, while at the same time masking the original purchase cost. Low or zero profit margin recorded by the company as an intermediary to enable it to maintain profit margins by reducing the profit tax. Significant economic benefits, especially for foreign companies who want to trade in goods and services markets in China.

What more extended business strategy is a private agreement between Hong Kong and the biggest in China. contract-free bilateral trade, which is known as the closest Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA), which allows companies based in Hong Kong and easy access to the tax rate reduced to sell goods in the Chinese market. Tariffs on 273 categories of goods including clothing, electrical and electronic products, jewelry and clothing were released. Furthermore, 90 percent of China’s total exports of Hong Kong passed a tax charge of 2006 while the rise of China to the World Trade Organization (WTO) has looga rope necessary steps to market their business to allow business members of the WTO Hong Kong loves privilege allowed to hold The first buds of the Chinese mainland market.

In addition to the market in many parts of the service, including infrastructure development, housing, banking, logistics and commodities, real estate and offer new opportunities for companies based in Hong Kong. A great business opportunity to remember some of the benefits that a company based in Hong Kong enjoy in China is difficult because of the ‘special relationship with China, especially since both provisions as permitted by the WTO a long period. investors are coming in the People’s Republic of China with zero tariffs in Hong Kong will attract foreign companies, especially those that sell products based on service-sector to build and operate offices in the region.

Last, but not least, its cosmopolitan residents of Hong Kong will help both local tastes and Westerners. Living in the city is a pleasure for locals and expats as the city is in China to celebrate the Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat racing mid-Autumn festival and put as much as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Halloween. Additionally, an efficient transport network, nightlife and water holes rich culture attractive destination for international companies that want to set up business in East and Southeast Asia as well as the staff does not rotate. This enhanced political stability, rule of law and authority, more freedom of information and access to support services and trade in Hong Kong evenly in every city in the world.

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