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Best Hong Kong Company Formation and Its Benefits

With good infrastructure and a complete legal system itself, it provides economic benefits to the business and commercial business and much more. Therefore, Hong Kong is a powerful and popular with international business and looking to penetrate the Chinese market, and many of the buildings they have in Hong Kong with different purposes, which increases not not only the image of the company itself, but also competitiveness in the international market. The following information will help you determine whether Hong Kong company formation is the optimum strategy is to achieve this. read more »

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China Factory Wages Organization Industrial Robots Are Not Even First Out of Work

Capital investment and jobs. Let’s talk a little about economics 101 and kicked me down behind robot future salary increases are evident at least very difficult. First, when you increase the cost of labor low-level jobs, there will be fewer of them as a business expense and raise prices for consumers, some businesses will, too few jobs. Commercial and business models that will absorb the cost of living and the rate of increase in consumer prices – this is due to inflation so that the dollar will be worth little, how much is hard to say; 10%, maybe 20%, which is about how much the minimum wage increase would be what it is now, if they’re going to say $ 10.00. read more »

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Best Imported Wine in China Trade

Alcohol consumption increased over that of the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD) and start becoming part of traditional Chinese culture. In addition, many countries in the world, where the wine often seems that occasion dinner, worship or contact the efficiency of the public, the purpose of drinking different wines in China during the early days. Scientists, according to Luan Feng, director of archaeological research at the University of Shandong, China, believed that wine was originally drunk at the funeral. These results are based on alcohol containers, glass and pottery from the beginning, which is found in Central Asia. read more »

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Why Foreign Companies Often Choose Hong Kong as a Business in Asia

Invest Hong Kong and the Department of Census and Statistics, the state on the southern coast of China, has been sought after by companies and local companies who want to expand their business activities in East Asia. This study identifies new trends in multinational companies have made the investment obligation Hong Kong contacts, tasks both regionally and worldwide, while companies in China have moved here to take advantage of business opportunities and more. A good work culture face in English and Mandarin make simple movements all the time and cost of translation in the process of saving. In addition, the number of free floating dollar Hong Kong, the absence of good and services tax, profits tax and the flat rate of 17.5 percent based on the company’s operations in Hong Kong translates into economic gains, by weight, for international companies. read more »

Global Economic

Chinese Mercantilism and the New Global Economic Order

The risk is not entirely However, if economic growth hit a danger of stagnation and even reversals of GDP. On this day, the Chinese central creaky uneven in 18th century France and happily engaged in wide mercantilist culture. Chinese society, people are not yet fully stabilized and consolidated. Beijing has not entered a traditional mercantilist spearhead Japan and Singapore do. China’s political center, has lost the last remnants of feudalism, warlordism, and regional integration beyond. Handled, after China’s economic manner similar to the German Kaiser were allowed to grow rapidly by taking advantage of free trade to the British post-mercantilist. It is very historical right. Beijing does not need to replicate the Spanish, English, or French mercantilist experience. read more »