Electrical Trade Union of Free Trade Agreement with the Government of New Deal

Runs the risk of creating “a significant hazard in the workplace, not just only for electricity, but the power of all users.” Fire Chief Executive Protection Association (FPA), Scott Williams, also said that the organization is very concerned about the loss of key terms, and are worried that cheap Chinese work, flooded with unqualified workers, they can cause serious effects on the security of Australia. Mr Williams said that “there is an attempt to disperse, dilute, or really stupid skill down, we can see only that which causes the result will be increased in the event of a fire in Australia.” Arguably, the use of the work is detrimental not only to the people in Australia, but also increases the likelihood that vulnerable workers will benefit from a more open trade policy.

On the other hand, ETU is clearly impossible to ignore other governments used to assess the level of skills and training of staff – indeed, the government has responded to highlight the fact that the workers have yet to show evidence of skills and training before being granted a visa.

They stressed: “The FTA is not, I repeat not skill, looga changes required and experience required to be completed by the professional staff applying for a visa to work in Australia.”

Safety should not be traded off price, however, all appropriate measures are taken to be given to ensure knowledge of electricity by harnessing the visa, which is the required level of Australia, work quality and safety of customers and employees will be stored.

There is a fierce debate about the decision, but the specification of the required changes to the law. It’s easy to over-react in a situation like this, and the media can play a powerful role goa’aankii sensational decision like this, or they may choose to offer the perspective of a reasonable, objective and informative.

So the question remains of this decision will have a positive effect on the entire industry or simply an attempt to boost the economy in order to get the current government in the next election?

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