China Factory Wages Organization Industrial Robots Are Not Even First Out of Work

Capital investment and jobs. Let’s talk a little about economics 101 and kicked me down behind robot future salary increases are evident at least very difficult. First, when you increase the cost of labor low-level jobs, there will be fewer of them as a business expense and raise prices for consumers, some businesses will, too few jobs. Commercial and business models that will absorb the cost of living and the rate of increase in consumer prices – this is due to inflation so that the dollar will be worth little, how much is hard to say; 10%, maybe 20%, which is about how much the minimum wage increase would be what it is now, if they’re going to say $ 10.00.

Some have suggested – Hillary Clinton, then President Obama, Bernie Sanders, which should be raised to $ 15.00 per hour, this, and this will be the automobile, retail, small businesses, restaurants and fast will cause the company to implement and complete the cost astounding job – you think I’m blowing smoke – No! Let me give you an example of where this is happening now.

You see, there is an interesting article in Business Insider Tech News looga title “foreign robotics companies find success in China,” wrote Jonathan Camhi published on September 22, 2015, stated:

“So the robot must take on the role of the main line churches. Many tools are deployed in the block Chinese factory will be made overseas, though, according to Reuters. Despite the government’s efforts to encourage industrial robotics attack, robot manufacturers alien is still the market leader for the manufacture of robots in China. Companies foreign build 41,000 of the 56,000 industrial devices have now been deployed in China, according to statistics from the international federation of Robotics was quoted by Reuters. “

Note the use of “relief” rather than “employees” and consider how it might change in the near future. Remember that the cost of Chinese labor is only a few dollars a day and never go up a little, and the first to see how they can save money, you think that this can not happen if we have an increase of 40% of the minimum wage night by the federal government to seize power in our own right to deal with free? Think about it.

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