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Alcohol consumption increased over that of the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD) and start becoming part of traditional Chinese culture. In addition, many countries in the world, where the wine often seems that occasion dinner, worship or contact the efficiency of the public, the purpose of drinking different wines in China during the early days. Scientists, according to Luan Feng, director of archaeological research at the University of Shandong, China, believed that wine was originally drunk at the funeral. These results are based on alcohol containers, glass and pottery from the beginning, which is found in Central Asia.

Then, one of Chinese wine is used as a drink to their ancestors and to express respect, or enjoying themselves while writing poetry or prose, or bread relatives and friends during the festival.

During the last century as well as vineyards by Jesuits needed wine to celebrate Mass planted. In 1892, the first wine (wine Zhangyu) in Yantai started and is still one of the largest in China. In 1910 Beijing launched a winery, which produces wines-the first mass to be used for religious services. After 1949 the government give more attention to wine. Beijing Eastern wines was founded in 1956. For about a profound understanding of the history of wine in China, and strongly recommend to read the letter written by Pieter Eijkhoff: “Wine in China, History and Contemporary Trends”.

Wine Market in China Today

The strength of grapes grown in China is generally good. Various kinds of soil, climate and plenty of local and imported wines of different available. In China’s most important wine today is one of the areas around Beijing, Shanxi, Ningxia, Sichuan, Yantai, Hebei and Jilin.

Currently, China is one of the ten largest markets when it comes to alcohol consumption. Increased exports of foreign wines for 1980 and domestic demand growth is expected to continue. But still, the current use of about one liter per capita per year is very low compared to other major customers (about 30-40 liters per year).

More recently jeelyihiin, wine from China appeared many times on the shelves of stores in the West and specialty stores. As one of the last member of the internationally recognized wines in the world, China is slowly gaining a good reputation in the domestic production produced and imported. The most popular type of China China Great Wall Wine, Changyu Pioneer Wine and wine family.

Summary of different wines can be found in every supermarket China and even a lot of small shops. Most of the larger restaurants, hotels and restaurants to sell by the bottle, and some high-end facilities also by the glass. The wine selection, mainly imported varieties, gradually increased.

Chinese wine consumer preferences

Since foreign wine imported into China, consumer tastes began to change. France and then influence the type of imported wine, the wine began to develop a sense of spending taste. customers with different tastes matured through imported wines.

Most Chinese wine drinkers still prefer to consume content. The decision depends on the particular wine in the first place on a recommendation by friends or family, followed by the original alcohol. wine every day is imported only from there to the main reason for buying gifts, expensive imported wine, party or some special occasions.

In general, red wine is preferred by wine drinkers and the dominant Chinese history. But there are also regional differences in taste and drink alcohol. Some customers like wine with lemon, ice or soda mixture to achieve a sweet taste.

Wine imports from China

France was the first country exported wine to China. With the beginning of economic reforms in China in 1979, they began building a joint venture company in China. Because the average income is lower China, first tried to sell foreign wines in China is not very successful. That changed with the turn of the millennium as growth fueled demand for imported wines and more people are able to afford the more expensive wines.

Lately, foreign wine and began to see the potential in the wine market in China and France followed. However, French wines – Bordeaux principle – have a stake in its biggest market, but other countries are catching up. According to research conducted by Wine Intelligence Vinitrac, ten wine producing countries, China’s most famous clients are France, China, Italy, Australia, Spain, Chile, New Zealand, Portugal, Germany and Argentina.

When it comes to the type of wine, which is exported to China, most of the red wine Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot Noir tree. imported white wine varieties of Riesling, Chardonnay tree, Semillion, Colombard and Chenin Blanc.

In 2012, China imported 286 million liters of wine with a total cost of USD 798 million. This is an increase of 81% on the previous year. wine imports accounted for more than 20% of total alcohol consumption in China, 6 percent points to 14.7% in 2009 (Data: Vinexpo).

Many world is facing a crisis of wine sold in China since the team’s goals und knowledge very different from foreign companies. The company must obtain a deep understanding of customer preferences and buying behavior of China’s reach. Most of the sales channels and strategies need to be adapted to the given conditions in China.

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