Best Hong Kong Company Formation and Its Benefits

With good infrastructure and a complete legal system itself, it provides economic benefits to the business and commercial business and much more. Therefore, Hong Kong is a powerful and popular with international business and looking to penetrate the Chinese market, and many of the buildings they have in Hong Kong with different purposes, which increases not not only the image of the company itself, but also competitiveness in the international market. The following information will help you determine whether Hong Kong company formation is the optimum strategy is to achieve this.

We know that there are a lot of reasons or factors can contribute to business success. While Hong Kong is considered one of the best cities to build a business, such as high scores on important business. Here are some of the major advantages set up a company in Hong Kong, which will serve to provide answers to the establishment of a Hong Kong company is the optimal strategy.

1. At the center of international information exchange and transportation hub. A focal point of the activities of the South China Sea and is one of the largest ports in the world in terms of delivery using a variety of facilities, cargo handling and the number of passengers transported.

2. The most active economy in the world is driven by the principles of free trade, free trade and free markets, open to all. There are no restrictions on, and investments do not come out, no foreign exchange controls and restrictions on foreign ownership

3. located near China. Air, rail, road and sea links are modern and efficient and offer unrivaled access to the southern Chinese province in a lot of foreign companies.

4. The tax rate is very low (approximately 16.5% of net income), income tax exemption is committed to Hong Kong (offshore revenue)

5. With Robust Infrastructure, stable social environment and politics, most businesses choose to set up operations in Hong Kong because it is believed to be a politically stable government and pro-business and free market principles.

6. Enjoy the convenience of international banking system. A number of banks to represent the interests of the 32 foreign countries. Hong Kong banking and financial services regulated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA). Features and benefits of using Hong Kong for private banks, bank accounts, offshore companies and comprehensive protection of property rights.

Hong Kong company formation process is straight forward. The main requirements are:

1. One of the companies require at least a director / company secretary resident ratio and Hong Kong (over 18 years).
2. Make sure the company name and corporate structure
3. The minimum capital requirement of HKD 10,000 issued, paid-up capital required looga total of just one dollar.
4. The scope of business. Virtually no limit to the size of the business field when you set up a company in Hong Kong.
5. The operational requirements, such as opening a bank account in Hong Kong company, made office (virtual office is optional), etc.

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