Best China’s Move for Control Trade

China claims the construction and ownership of the islands in the countries of East and South China Seas have put more vigilant. Japan, Philippines, and Vietnam all had a checkered history with the history of China and the first line of islands in the disputed state warning about what is seen as an extension of China. In Southeast Asia, China has been trying to increase the close relationship between the development of trade agreements with members of the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). China struggled to live in an environment that allows economic growth but also more determined to expand its reach land.

Established in 2004, China-Asia Business Forum emphasis on communication, cooperation, development, and both sides. China is working to strengthen and engage the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). These steps led to the establishment of China-Asia Business Forum 2006 which is the relationship between Chinese companies, SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

China attend the SAARC summit in a row, they continue to invite senior Chinese diplomat and the countries of South Asia to establish a meeting ‘of senior officials of the Chinese-goods fair and SAARC’. China started the match as possible for the World Bank called the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) based in Beijing.

These steps will show that China wants to be an active part of this region. AIIB urged to stop the dominance of the US dollar by promoting the single currency as the EU is not only used as a substitute yuan. Using yuan helps China’s trade partners, especially the members of ASEAN and the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area (ACFTA), but also increase the role of China in the South China Sea. Many of these countries fear the possibility of “economic colonialism” by China.

Spratly Islands which China has chosen to hold the island in the past to improve these areas. With China’s actions in the past seemed to goodwill and regional development is now considered as an expansion position and finally the South China Sea and the cruise line is expensive. China has recently become interested in the Spratly Islands and every island in the negotiations in Beijing have become more powerful.

expansion of the South China Sea island China has sparked a lot of neighbors to improve its armed defense. One country, the Philippines, took a different path, and the case of International Justice. Tension in the region is high enough in pursuing diplomatic channels will benefit all. They wanted to settle an argument with Chinese courts regularly for arbitration, the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands. China’s claim is the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea establishes inhabited islands may qualify for an exclusive zone of 200 nautical miles. Rocks and shoals may be eligible if the area within 12 miles, and on the water. China coral reef a few artificial islands leaving the area of land and even build an airport. In response to the Philippines announced that a plane was Subic Bay in the first year. Subic Bay is the island closest to Scarborough Shoal and Chinese from the Philippines in 2012.

China has challenged the control of Japan East China Sea Islands as rigid while China is Japan’s largest trading partner. These measures by China has sparked a national security strategy for the reform of Japan’s desire to change the pacifist tradition of post-World War II Japan. Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution now requires Japan to end the war or the threat of violence as a means of dispute resolution. These changes by the Government of Japan has been provoked by the actions of the Chinese East China Sea. In 2015, Japan released the photographs of offshore platforms, China showed the illegal development of China’s own natural gas fields in waters of the East China Sea, Japan. Japan believes that China is building an artificial island to deploy a radar system basic operation and drone or helicopter to conduct aerial patrols.

China is concerned that US involvement could disrupt oil shipments, if there is a contradiction in one of the US allies in the Pacific. Called “Malacca dilemma,” China not only worry about the US Navy, but also because of the terrorist act in the long and narrow corridor in tankers. Due to concerns about the stability of the Chinese suppliers are now defined and concrete efforts of energy supplies from other countries in Central Asia.

Vietnam vessels operating in the South China Sea cables cut by Chinese ships have at least ten attacks last year. India and Vietnam have strengthened the cooperation launched joint energy exploration in the South China Sea. This exploration program bitterly criticized by the Chinese media. A Chinese container ship threatened India as they leave the port of Vietnam, and this is the first game of China and India in the South China Sea. Even with warnings from China, India, Vietnam, and ExxonMobil’s exploration projects are on schedule and the Spratly Islands on the west coast of Vietnam.

The United States has faced international disputes arise out of the South China Sea may not be sufficient to reach the hands of short-term and long-term China. The United States will have to make a written code of ethics many white South China Sea disputes and strengthen their presence in and around the South China Sea. This will allow the United States to remain a key player in protecting the ASEAN countries, flow, and international, and access rights of oil company ‘to and explore the South China Sea and the rights of “payment” in China.

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